COVID-19 is no. 1 subject everywhere. And as all medical professionals are saying –
the best way to prevent being infected and to avoid infecting others
is to stay isolated and shun touching by hands
surfaces in public places.

One of the most often touched surfaces are door handles in public places,
but also front door in your house.
So to help you be safe when you have to open them sometimes we’ve designed this small,
but useful and practical personal door opener.
We call it “personal” because you can have it always with you.

What is also really important – you can be sure that you’re the only one person
touching it and so have full control about keeping it clean.


This one is not screwed to the door handle permanently.
You can have it in your pocket and use always
when need to open the door or objects like cabinets or windows.

And after every use just wash and sanitize it
with water& soap or disinfectant liquid.

Our STL file is free for not commercial use.
So if only you can – download it and  print opener
for yourself and for your family and friends.


Our personal door opener is one-piece element
so you do not need any extras to install it.
You can use SLS 3D printer, but as you can see –
also the most common
among private 3DP users FDM, as well.

Both printouts will be solid and easy to use and clean.


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