3D Scanning

Our up-to-date prototyping workshop offers spatial scan services using the latest Handyskan and ARTEQ hand scanners and DAVID 3D optical scanners.
Available 3D scanners enable surface reconstruction and 3D measurements of objects of various sizes, reaching up to several meters.


We can deliver 3D scanning services in any place designated by the client.

All used by us scanners are portable and do not need special environmental conditions or reference system.

Solveere’s offer includes also processing point clouds to form a surface (IGS) or a solid model (STP, X_T), taking into account production technology.

The scan results can be saved in various formats, including STL, OBJ or PLY.

Inżynieria odwrotna
Design i projektowanie
Analiza względem pliku wyjściowego STL

3D scanning is also a great method to perform measurements, without interfering with the structure or geometry of the model.

The 3D optical scanner allows you to create clouds of triangles of the scanned object, and then apply it to the original CAD file and perform a surface comparison at any scale.

Thanks to the three-dimensional scanner, each production plant can easily and quickly expand its activities with a quality control department.

The 3D scanner will also allow ongoing testing of surface quality and geometry of manufactured products.

Quality control in a few simple steps:

  1. 3D scan of the surface of the made product
  2. Combination of individual scans into one – grouped spatial object (STL).
  3. Application of the triangle mesh to the original CAD file.
  4. Performing an analysis of the deviation of the surface from the output file on a selected scale (usually between 0.1 and 0.5 mm).



3D scanning with object texture capture (RGB)

conversion of a physical model into a digital model (cloud of triangles)

capturing metallic, glass/glazing and transparent surfaces – all possible after matting the details with a special non-destructive coating.


scanning details under water – in transparent containers, like aquariums, swimming pools, etc.

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