We operate in Rapid Prototyping field since 2006.

We are the only company in Poland with wide variety of available 3D printing technologies. We offer services, sales, installation, training and services for w3D printers in our offer.

Jako jedyna firma w Polsce oferujemy drukarki 3D o unikatowych rozwiązaniach technicznych opartych o technologie 3SP, DLP, SLS, MEM/FDM oraz DMLS. Nasz zespół zainstaluje i przeszkoli Państwa ze wszystkich zagadnień dotyczących urządzeń oraz problemów, jakie mogą wystąpić podczas ich użytkowania.

Dla klientów chcących przyswoić wiedzę dotyczącą technologii przyrostowych oferujemy kompletne szkolenia dotyczące:
• Drukarek 3D w technologiach SLS, 3SP, DLP, DMLS oraz FDM;
• Zasad pracy oraz przygotowania modeli dla systemów SLS, 3SP, DLP, DMLS oraz FDM;


Models created this way are very strong and high impact resistant. This technology allows us also to create short series of production in short time and low-cost.
This method allows us to harden liquid resins for creating very complex and precise parts. The main advantage of this technique is its precision (up to 15 μm).
Laser-beam offer high-precision contours and allows to print both – very small and very large parts without lowering its resolution.
In this method material (usually plastic: ABS, PLA, PCABS etc.) is heated to its melting point and then pressed through a special nozzle. The nozzle however is automatically moved over the building platform according to “CAD instructions” from STL file. The model is built layer by layer.

We are the sole distributor of brands:

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