Rapid Prototyping

Creating short production series (few to several dozens) of details

Vacuum Casting technology uses silicone molds and special resins (epoxy & polyurethane) imitating different kinds of materials (eg. ABS, PC, PCABS and other). Our wide variety of resins allows us to simulate many different materials. Silicone molds allows creating details with identical geometry and different technical, physical and chemical properties.


  • fast production: from master model to post-processed detail even within 48 h.
  • repeatability: from 1 up to fez dozens of details with 1 mold.
  • multi-material: 1 mold - many available materials to use.
  • dimensions: Geometry and surface quality up to 30 μm.


  • Master model - provided by customer or 3D printed by us based on STP or STL file.
  • Preparing silicone mold with inlets and outlets for degasing liquid resin.
  • Resin selection: selecting resin fullfiling customers demandings.
  • Casting details with selected resins + postprocessing.
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