Rapid Prototyping

3D printing (Rapid Prototyping) allow to create physical models basing on the CAD (STP/STEP/STL) file.

Our printers create models from thermoplastic materials (ABS, PC-ABS, PC, PLA, PA12), different kinds of resins (polyurethane and epoxy) and different kinds of metal (Titanium alloys, Aluminium alloys, Stainless steel, high-strenght steel, die steel and other).

Thanks to rapid prototyping technologies we can 3D print models made of different materials in the early stages of mass production. Model strength is 75% of the injection molding products. Printing precision is up to 0.1 mm. Models can be also post-processed (drilling, grinding, painting, assembling etc.).

Your 3D model in 3 steps:


1. CAD/STL file - Model verification.

2. 3D printing

3. Functional model or imitation model

We use reputable manufacturers with quality reproducibility and dimensional printed models.

Our technologies: FDM, SLS, 3SP, DLP, Polyjet, DMLS, SLA.